05 Composition

Symmetrical Balance

a. Horizontal

Shutter 1/250 f7.1 ISO100

b. Vertical

Shutter 1/80 f4.5 ISO100

Rule of Thirds

a. Horizontal

Shutter 1/40 f10 ISO400

b. Vertical

Shutter 1/40 f10 ISO400

c. Contrast –Red Crane

Shutter 1/30 f5.6 ISO200

Intentional Imbalance

Shutter 1/125 f22 ISO100

Diagonal Composition

a. Horizontal

Shutter 1/15 f4.5 ISO200

b. Vertical

Shutter 1/40 f 14 ISO100

Radial Balance

Shutter 1/250 f4.0 ISO800

P.S. sorry for the long overdue post

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